Saturday, November 21, 2009

In a Lather

From the back of my new bottle of shampoo:
Can't wait for conditioning, huh? Well, busy bee, have your clean and conditioner, too. Just squeeze me in. I'm full of lush moisturizers and leave your hair looking clean.
 First of all, I'm not sure I like being spoken to in so cheeky a tone, even when it's coming from a shampoo with extracts of orchid and coconut milk. But aside from that, I believe that last sentence is suffering from a faulty parallelism. What I think she should say (yes, I'm assuming my shampoo is a woman) is: "I'm full of lush moisturizers and I leave your hair looking clean."

Incidentally, even though I went into the experience with high hopes ("lush moisturizers," after all), the shampoo in question left my hair looking as it always does: flat and stringy, with the seductive texture of old hay.