Thursday, September 02, 2010

Let's See Pedro Proofread Like This

An unfinished (and seemingly unfinishable) living room flooring project, a dismantled malfunctioning washing machine, a power-washing young tradesman in wife-distracting muscle shirt blasting our siding and windows, and the plaintive pleas of a couple of whiny confined kids led us to flee our home today for lunch.

First stop was the gourmet meat store to pick up dinner goodies, where I ran into my favorite clerk: The Guy with the Low Threshold for Awe.

"Two chicken and two salmon kebabs? Awesome."

"Is that everything for you? Awesome."

"That'll be $10.96. From twenty? Awesome."

"Do you want a bag for that? No? Awesome."

Next stop, the local Taco Del Mar franchise for some semi-authentic Mexican grub. It's there, over a plate of well-sauced enchiladas, that I find this smörgåsbord of errata among the headlines on Page 6 of today's 24H:

Did you catch them? The first one is a simple typo; Hurricane Earl, the proper noun, is missing its proper capitalization. In the next one, the judge has in fact stepped down, as is made clear in the copy. "Steps away" makes it sound like he ducked out for a smoke. And finally, although it may sometimes seem like Prime Minister Stephen Harper is at war with himself, the PM and Harper can hardly be at odds over those jets, since Harper is the PM.

Anyway, enough of such frivolous nonsense. The transition stripping on the flooring awaits, as does the leaky washing machine, the now whiny and tired kids, and the re-positioning of the patio furniture that has been soaked by Pedro the sexy power-washer.