Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're Like Me! You're Really, Really Like Me!

I got to spend a few idle moments today cruising the aisles of a Barnes and Noble. (This particular B&N was in the Kierland Commons area of Scottsdale--a shopping enclave patronized in large part by extravagantly-coiffed "kept women" of a certain age with preternatural tans and designer-brand face-lifts. I always feel conspicuously like a hideous troll when I go there.)

Passing by a display table, my eyes alight on this colorful little tome:

As it happens I have played a significant role in making two people--my daughter and my son--who are a lot like me in many ways. And I'm actually somewhat proud to say that in each case my part in the process took (a little) longer than 90 seconds.