Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling All Atwitter

The young lady depicted here--she of the minimalist approach to fashion--is my new friend. Nay, not just a friend--a follower, which I suppose makes me a leader in the L. Ron Hubbard sense of the word. Let me explain.

I have recently re-discovered Twitter and the joy of sharing inane insights and mundane minutia in 140-character-or-less bursts (see my newly-added sidebar to the right for up-to-the-second updates). But one of the dangers of becoming an online celebrity is that one begins to attract a fanatical following.

Take happybaboo69332, pictured above. A new message in my inbox tells me that she is now following me. The fact that I don't know happybaboo69322, and that her profile indicates she is a promiscuous and indiscriminate follower and spammer, doesn't put me off. Most of my followers are anonymous spammers. What puts me off is her tweets, the two most recent of which I share verbatim:
Had a great & funny evenig (sic) wtih (sic) the grils (sic), wnonderful (sic)! :))
And in case you're wondering who "the grils" are:
don't wnat (sic) to suond (sic) lkie (sic) a perv...But I love tihs (sic) new victoria sceret (sic) bra I invested in..."mirauclous (sic) psuh (sic) up"...all gilrs (sic) shuold (sic) get it.. (sic)
I'm sorry, happybaboo69322--if that is your real name--but I'm just not interested in tkaing tihs realtionship to teh nxet levle.